I suppose I ought to write something here. I wouldn't want you to think that I was an enormous, sentient computer from the Andromeda galaxy merely masquerading as a human to lull your suspicions until the time when my armada of conquering robot arachno-weasels reach Earth. No, that wouldn't do at all.

So. The basics. I'm a mid-forties, tall-looming, book-reading, cat-serving, Michigan-living, cheese-eating, beard-lacking data warehouse analyst and fiction writer--see my website, GaryWOlson.com for more information on the 'writer' part, and for news about my dark fantasy novel Brutal Light.

In addition to posting (and reblogging) pictures and items I find amusing, I also have entries from my blog on my main site crossposted here. I'm also on Twitter and Facebook and Google+ and heaps and heaps of other places. See any page of my site on the right-side column under the "Me on the Intertubes" heading.

I am not a taco.


Looks like Farmer Brown has switched to growing magic mushrooms…

Presenting “Doctor Hooey”, a Turkish Doctor Who… um… parody? Fever dream?

I had to lie down for a while after watching this.

Sand… sharks?


It looks terrible.

And by ‘terrible,’ I mean ‘awesome.’

Here’s a direct-to-DVD flick that knocked me out. I guess you could call it psychological supernatural horror, a film that’s bold enough to follow its own logic down into the depths without a cop-out ending.

This is the book trailer for Greg R. Fishbone’s _Galaxy Games_.  To which I say thee: yay!

(Source: youtube.com)